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       PTT Oil and Retail Business Public Company Limited (PTTOR) is one of the flagship subsidiaries of PTT Public Company Limited (PTT) group of company. PTT is the national energy and petrochemical company of Thailand, was established on December 29, 1978. At present, PTT Group is a member of Dow Jones sustainable development index in oil and gas industry. PTT is one of the world's top 500 enterprises and has been listed in Fortune 500 for 15 consecutive years. In 2021, PTT was ranked 206th of Fortune 500. 

       PTTOR is currently operating the oil and retail businesses with more than 1900 gas stations all over Thailand and covering Southeast Asia market. PTTOR together with our dealers operate sales and distribution of high-quality gasoline, diesel, lubricant and other relate products in order to satisfy driver and consumer needs at any time. PTTOR operates an integrated lubricant business under the ‘PTT Lubricants’ brand by relentlessly developing lubricant products for vehicles with gasoline, diesel, and NGV engines, as well as motorcycle engines, covering the transportation sector, agricultural and industrial machinery. Over a decade, PTTOR has retained NO.1 market share of lubricants sector in Thailand. In additions, PTTOR has introduced FIT AUTO, vehicle service center, to offer lubricants changing service and automotive maintenance in order to provide drivers and consumers with more safety and confidence in every journey. 

       Besides offering petroleum products, PTTOR also provides various retail businesses into service stations, such as a convenience store, a Café Amazon coffee shop, restaurants and FIT AUTO service center under the concept of one-stop service and Living Community. 

       Living and growing with the community, PTTOR also aspires to make PTT Stations a direct distribution channel for agricultural products. PTTOR also takes part in designing community business models to jointly enrich the locals’ quality of life and community economy. Today, each PTT Station is equipped with a ‘friendly design’, featuring ramps for accessing all service areas, facilities and safety equipment in the toilet area, designated parking space for ladies, and emergency buttons together with CCTVs to ensure the convenience and safety of the service station for customers of all genders, ages, and physical conditions. 

       PTTOR is supported by PTT Innovation Institute, the most well-equipped and professional talent research institute in Southeast Asia. More than 50% of the R&D professions hold doctoral degrees. The institute engages in research and development of Lubricants, Fuel, Petrochemical, and other related products to support PTT Group. The fully integrated technical equipment ranging from micro inspection test to bench test and real vehicle test have made PTT Innovation Institute 's leading R&D and well known in the Asia-Pacific region. 

       More than 30-year experience, PTT lubricant has become one of the leading lubricant brands. Driven by the concept of "The Moving Innovation", PTT Lubricants always operate under the principle of seeking development opportunities, constantly improving the products and services quality, and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in petroleum and retail industry. Our products and services support automotive and industrial lubricants customers. In order to achieve excellent performance and reliable quality product, we have conducted severe tests through real tracks driving tests. Under the advanced development of science and technology, PTT Lubricants has also been continuously improving and taken the lead in Thai market by launching lubricants products with API SP standards. PTTOR has engaged several production plants in line with international standards to ensure the timely supply and production capacity under the growing market demand. These plants have successively obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality management system standard certification and green factory certification. The production is quality controlled by authorized laboratories, equipped with the most advanced testing equipment, and obtained ISO17025 standard certification, ensure that high-quality products can be delivered to customers accurately and timely. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, recognized by the domestic and international markets. With the record of the best-selling lubricant in Thailand for more than 10 years, it has made PTT Lubricants to become one of the most recognized brands in the world! 


       The reason to make PTT Lubricants to reach such high achievements is not only to emphasis on the high quality, research and development, but also to include the following 
1. Development of international accredited high-quality products 
2. Comprehensive state of the art product manufacturing and transportation processes 
3. Expansion of markets that serve customer needs in all segments including after-sale services 
4. Effective marketing promotions and support 

       With the focus on technology and products development, PTT Group established the OBA petroleum institute in 2016, in order to provide business partners from around the world the opportunity to learn and understand the overall structure and corporate culture of PTT Group. In additions, PTT Group also incorporate sports events with brand culture, by sponsoring the world's top motorcycle race MotoGP, which make PTT Lubricants to be continuously tested and to push up the limits of PTT lubricants!  

       PTT Lubricants under the concept of "The Moving Innovation" is determined to develop innovative products and services and evolve its capability to strengthen the brand image and consumer confidence. We took our first step with the determination to serve all needs effectively. According to aforementioned achievements, PTT Lubricants have gained significant trust of our products and services in order to be recognized as a Global Brand of the future! 



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