PTTOR's Sustainability Intention  

PTTOR sets out its vision to be a world-leading Thai brand that values the community through its oil operations. With business transparency, operational excellence and innovation of products and services, PTTOR is committed to develop sustainable organization with a focus on corporate responsibility for society,for the value of the stakeholders and for direction to be consistency with PTT group's sustainability management.


PTTOR Sustainability Management Guidelines  

       PTTOR has begun to restructure、identify and rank important corporate sustainability issues , collect governance/economic performance data and society & environment of the organization to test, prepare, then establish guidelines and develop a plan for improving the sustainability operations of the organization for the first time in 2019 based on international standards, including both domestic and international recognized sustainability frameworks such as: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO 26000 Social Responsibility Guidelines, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and Sufficiency Economy Philosophy, etc. 


       In 2020, PTTOR developed its operational framework and long-term goals for corporate sustainability to determine the direction of driving the organization towards sustainability and integrate sustainability management approaches into PTTOR's diverse business units along with raising awareness of employees, dealers, and business partners.  We also implement vulnerability improvements. (Gap) on key corporate sustainability issues in order to continuously improve and elevate the organization to be ready to drive towards the three dimensions goals as intended by PTTOR, i.e. to conduct good corporate governance, corporate social responsibitlies, and effectively response to all stakeholders’expectations.


Corporate Sustainability Management

Sustainability at PTTOR

Sustainable business operations in the social dimension

Sustainable business operations in environmental dimensions


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