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Great deals! PTT Station

Super-value promotions, get it for free! An instant PTT station gas card worth 500 BAHT, just buy PTT engine lubricant products, you can participate in the Fully Synthetic group of the show.

PTT lubricants won the seller's NO.1 award. BRAND Thailand continues to occupy the hearts of consumers from 2019 to 2020.

Mr. Boonmaphonthanakornkul, Executive Vice President of Petroleum Retail Business, Mr. Chumphon Surapittayanon, Executive Vice President of Lubricant Business, and Mr. Suchart Ramas, Senior Executive Vice President of Retail Business of PTT. In 2020, it is hosted by Okura Shimbun Hotel, the nation's No. 1 marketing magazine "Seller". Bangkok was selected as the top brand by PTT Station, PTT Lubricants and Cafe Omsen from a survey of product consumption behavior and media exposure of the general public in the country. It has ranked first in gas stations, car lubricants and coffee shops for 9 consecutive years, proving that it is a popular brand with high quality and continues to impress people. Has been trusted by consumers OR will continue to work hard to develop better products and services to meet the needs of today's consumers, in order to make a difference, and maintain the No. 1 brand in the hearts of all consumers. #PTTL lubricant# Thailand's first engine oil

Received special award Thailand Brand Award

The outstanding performance of PTT lubricants in the face of the ever-changing world challenges not only reflects its ability to maintain a strong market leadership position, but also creates a new turning point and standard for the market. This is why PTT Lubricant has won special awards as a reputation builder of the Thai brand at the international level. PTT pay attention to answer the pain points of each question Create Thai brand standards internationally If you think of a Thai brand that upgrades Thai products to a global trading business, PTT lubricants must be one of them. At present, PTT lubricants have been exported to more than 40 countries around the world. Mr. Paisan Udomkulvanich, Deputy General Manager, mainly lubricant business, PTT Company. Oil and Retail Public Company Limited (OR) discussed the factors that make PTT lubricants a recognized lubricant brand. Due to the constant change and development under the concept, the term "mobile innovation" of consumers from home and abroad is committed to improving product quality. It is the key to unremittingly develop products and discover or develop new innovations to quickly respond to changes and user needs. The secret PTT attention is the technology that is the leader in the lubricant market, and it can also answer the continuous satisfaction of the needs of consumers in the market.

New Look PowerTrack Super Plus Hydraulic Oil Buffalo Tractor Steel Orange Fuel Tank

In Southeast Asia, small and medium-sized tractors are often used, suitable for the terrain and the size of the farmland, but in order to achieve the target yield, farmers often have to use tractors to work continuously. This may exceed 10 hours a day and is also faced with extreme heat and dust generated by agriculture, which reduces the life and efficiency of the tractor. Working at the same time, it is composed of hydraulic transmission and wet brake. These three systems use the same type of oil for convenience, called UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil) oil or high oil. A hydraulic tractor (tractor hydraulic oil; THF), as a medium that transmits power from one system to another, is also a lubricant that reduces friction and enables the tractor's various systems to work efficiently.

Thailand's most respected brand

The crisis of the past year is a great test for how each organization responds. Facts have proved that the PTT notebook brand is in a market leading position in terms of market share and brand. Thailand's most respected brand ranked first in the minds of consumers in the past year, and PTT notebooks have maintained their leading position for the 12th consecutive year.

The new "Hydraulic Long Life", one-time replacement, has a service life 50% longer than traditional hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic oil (hydraulic oil) is one of the power transmission oils. It is widely used in domestic industrial and agricultural fields, in line with the trend of today's users pursuing cost-effective products. It is very important to spend the most money to choose the right product for various performance characteristics. For example, the hydraulic system of a new generation machine is designed to provide power. High efficiency and support. Therefore, it is appropriate to use hydraulic oil with extremely long oil change intervals and to prevent the accumulation of dirt in the Hi system. In order to reduce time, Drolic maintains and reduces machine maintenance costs.

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