Challenger Super Bike Racing
CHALLENGER SUPER BIKE RACING is a ultimate full synthetic competition-proven motorcycle oil formulated from ESTER TECH technology to minimize engine internal friction, High Film Strength technology (HFS) to deliver outstanding engine protection and TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA to optimum clutch locked up performance and gear shifting. Designed for extreme performance sport and big bikes 4-stroke motorcycles especially for racing and touring purpose. It maximizes power and acceleration response, prevents anti-clutch slippage and smooth gear shifting.
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Challenger Synthetic 4T
CHALLENGER SYNTHETIC 4T is a fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated from High Film Strength technology (HFS) to maximize engine protection under high speed (rpm) and high temperature condition and Triple Action Formula to enhance friction control for clutch system. It is designed for high performance 4-stroke motorcycles. It delivers outstanding engine performance and protection along with smooth gear shifting.
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Challenger 4T
CHALLENGER 4T is synthetic technology 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated to improve engine performance for all models of modern bikes. It has excellent engine cleanliness and optimizes friction control for smooth gear shifting.
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