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The ultra-premium fully synthetic medium ash motor oil specially designed for modern high performance engine up to Euro VI and China VI technology both gasoline direct injection (GDI and Turbo-GDI) and clean-exhaust diesel engines. It is specially formulated to be compatible with the gasoline and diesel particulate filter (GPF and DPF). Developed by latest evolution technology platform EVOTEC fortified with SMART Molecules that improve engine cleanliness. Outstanding low friction and optimum film-strength enhance acceleration response and maximize fuel economy.
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PERFORMA SUPER SYNTHETIC is advanced fully synthetic engine oil, especially designed for GDI (Gas Direct Injection) and TGDI (Turbo Gas Direct Injection) engines. EVOTEC Technology and SMART Molecules improve engine cleanliness and Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI). Outstanding low friction performance and optimized film-strength enhance acceleration response and wear prevention to maximize engine performance in all situations.
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AUTOMAT LV-1 is a premium fully synthetic low viscosity automatic transmission fluid, especially developed to deliver anti-shudder durability for high performance multi-speed (>5 speeds) of modern automatic transmissions, such as Aisin, ZF. It enhances shear stability for superior anti-wear protection, plus optimizes frictional characteristic for enabling fast response and smooth gear shifting along with prolonging lifetime of fluids, passes all performance tests of JASO M315 1A LV.
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Challenger Super Bike Racing
CHALLENGER SUPER BIKE RACING is a competition-proven fully synthetic motorcycle oil formulated from ESTER TECH technology to minimize engine internal friction. Ultra Film Strength technology (UFS) delivers outstanding engine protection. Advanced TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA maximizes locked-up clutch performance. Designed for extreme performance 4-stroke sport bike and superbike especially for racing and touring purpose. It maximizes engine power, protection, clutch response and smooth gear shifting. Field test has proved the performance of CHALLENGER SUPER BIKE RACING in various racing series.
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Challenger Synthetic 4T
CHALLENGER SYNTHETIC 4T is a fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil,formulated from High Film Strength technology (HFS) to maximize engine protection under high speed and high temperature condition. TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA enhances friction control for clutch system. It is designed for high performance 4-stroke motorcycles, delivers superior engine protection along with smooth gear shifting.
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Challenger 4T
CHALLENGER 4T is synthetic technology 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated to improve engine performance for all models of modern bikes. It has excellent engine cleanliness and optimizes friction control for smooth gear shifting.
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AUTOMAT CVT is premium fully synthetic continuously variable transmission Fluid, especially developed to provide optimized frictional characteristics in belt and gears for all models of CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) in all types of passenger cars. It offers exceptional wear protection for belt and transmission system, including gear and clutch system, leading a more smooth change of transmission ratio, plus deliver excellent thermal and oxidation stability for prolonging lifetime of oils.
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AUTOMAT DX III is premium synthetic technology automatic transmission fluid developed to provide excellent wear protection for transmissions fulfilling Dexron III standard. Superior thermal and oxidation stability delivers sludge control, plus optimizes frictional characteristic for avoiding harsh gear shifting.
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GL-5 is high performance multipurpose automotive gear oil. Formulated for manual transmissions and rear axles of passenger cars, and trucks where API GL-5 standard is required.
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Antifreeze -25℃ (PREMIXED)
ANTIFREEZE -25°C is a pre-mixed engine coolant, formulated by high quality divinyloxyethane and high purity water.
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SYNTHETIC BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is formulated by glycol ether and high quality additives for corrosion protection of brake fluid system, surpasses all requirements of ISO 4925, FMVSS No. 116, SAE J1704, DOT 4.
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GEAR OIL EP is high performance industrial heavy duty gear oil formulated with high quality extreme pressure additive to provide gear teeth protection in severe conditions.
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