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AUTOMAT LV-1 is Premium fully synthetic low viscosity automatic trans- mission fluid. Formulated for high performance multi- speed (> 5 speeds) of modern multi-vehicle automatic transmissions from Japan, Europe and
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PERFORMA SUPER SYNTHETIC EVOTEC is an ultra-premium fully synthetic engine oil specially designed for modern high performance GDI and Turbo GDI engine, developed by the latest evolution technology platform EVOTEC, strengthening smart molecules, improving engine cleanliness. Outstanding ultra-strong film and the optimal low-friction promotes acceleration response and fuel economy, maximizes engineering performance on every level.
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Challenger Super Bike Racing
CHALLENGER SUPER BIKE RACING is a ultimate full synthetic competition-proven motorcycle oil formulated from ESTER TECH technology to minimize engine internal friction, High Film Strength technology (HFS) to deliver outstanding engine protection and TRIPLE ACTION FORMULA to optimum clutch locked up performance and gear shifting. Designed for extreme performance sport and big bikes 4-stroke motorcycles especially for racing and touring purpose. It maximizes power and acceleration response, prevents anti-clutch slippage and smooth gear shifting.
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Challenger Synthetic 4T
CHALLENGER SYNTHETIC 4T is a fully synthetic high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated from High Film Strength technology (HFS) to maximize engine protection under high speed (rpm) and high temperature condition and Triple Action Formula to enhance friction control for clutch system. It is designed for high performance 4-stroke motorcycles. It delivers outstanding engine performance and protection along with smooth gear shifting.
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Challenger 4T
CHALLENGER 4T is synthetic technology 4-stroke motorcycle oil formulated to improve engine performance for all models of modern bikes. It has excellent engine cleanliness and optimizes friction control for smooth gear shifting.
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AUTOMAT CVT is Premium fully synthetic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) fluid. Formulated for both belt-CVT and chain - CVT types in all types of passenger cars.
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AUTOMAT DX III is High quality automatic transmission fluid exceeds performance level of General Motors DEXRON III. Recommended for general transmissions where Dexron III standard is required.
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SYNTHETIC BRAKE FLUID DOT 4 is A premium hydraulic brake fluid based on synthetic chemical glycol ethers and high quality additives exceeding performance level of US Federal DOT 4 and SAE J 1704.
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GL-5 is High performance multipurpose automotive gear oil. Formulated for manual transmissions and rear axles in passenger cars and trucks where API GL-5 standard is required.
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Antifreeze -25℃ (PREMIXED)
ANTIFREEZE -25℃ is a ready mixed engine coolant, antifreeze and corrosion inhibitor diluted the Direct Anode Deactivated Technology (DADT). It provides superior performances of rust and corrosion preventions in critical area for long life protection and seal compatibility. It also increases boiling point up to 110 oC and decreases freezing point up to 25 oC for better cooling efficiency in both extremely hot and cold climate.
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High periormance industnal heavy auly gear oils that fomudated with hiah qualitv extreme pressure adciitive to provide gear teeth protecton in severe condition.
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HYDRAULIC is High performance hydraulic fluids which provide efficient anti-wear protection to protect parts and machine excellently. They offer high prevention property to resist deposit formation which results in power improving in hydraulic system.
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